Thursday 29 March 2012 - Finalists (Latest post)

Join us to celebrate the 20 educators selected to attend the the South African Partners in Learning Forum. This competition was previously known as the Microsoft Innovative Teacher competition. These twenty educators from all parts of South Africa will be wining their way to Durban on Sunday to present their projects and to show the judges how they have used technology to creatively engage their learners. Currently the finalists are creating a a poster that illustrates their project.

This Forum is taking place on April 1st and 2nd in Durban KwaZulu-Natal. This year, the twenty finalists are not only invited to attend the Forum, they are also being sponsored by Microsoft to attend the South African Basic Education Conference as part of their prize. The Awards ceremony takes place at 6:30pm on Monday 2nd April at the Conference.

You must be wondering who this year’s finalists are, and what their projects are called. Here are the details:



Caroline Adelaar

St Mary’s College, Johannesburg


Mabore Lekalakala

Toronto Primary School, Polokwane

Lazily Learning

Nkosilathi Dlodlo

Batswana Secondary School, Mafikeng

Serving water to save

Michelle Dreyer

Courtrai Primary School, Paarl


Riathe Engels

Harmonie Primary School, Virginia

Innovative Ways to recycle – Trash Art

Mawell Funo

Mkhanyiseli Primary, Cape Town

Our community, our pride

Gilmour Gordon

Elkanah House School, Cape Town

Fun with class music

Lisa Gair

The Rock Academy, Fish Hoek

Cultural Exchange

Sarah Hanton

Victoria Girls High School, Grahamstown

Good Vibrations through Social Networking

Boudina McConnachie

Victoria Girls High School, Grahamstown

Good Vibrations through Social Networking

Siobhan Lowe

Somerset House, Somerset West

ICT'd!Innovative and creative travel document

Jenny Martin

Somerset House, Somerset West

T-ICT 7.0

Joan Martin

Durban Girl’s College, Durban

Project Runway

Gaye Pieterse

Durban Girl’s College, Durban

Inside Outside

Hafeeza Mayet

Marlboro Gardens Secondary School, Johannesburg

Mathe City

Lerato Mazimba

St. Bernard's High School, Bloemfontein

From Trash to Couture

Nombuso Mnguni

Asithuthuke Combined School, Balgowan

Designing and building a model of a bridge

Neith Moore

Durban Girls’ High School, Durban

The Mobile Digital Classroom – ’flipping’ a studio

Anita van Vuuren

Primêre Skool Universitas, Bloemfontein


Charli Wiggil

Eden College, Durban

Braille Memory Game and Toys for the Blind

Monday 12 March 2011

Well today is the closing day of the Microsoft Innovative Teacher competition. Exciting! Entries have to be uploaded by midnight tonight. Please let me know if you experience any problems. You can always send me your PowerPoint to upload if things don’t work out.

Uploading your project

Here is the link (for uploading your project to the Partners in Learning site) which is taken from the SchoolNet website

“Join the “South African Microsoft Partners in Learning Forum” on the Partners in Learning Network at:

Problems with embedding

Some of you might want to embed documents into your template. Here is a PowerPoint showing you how to embed.

Problems with embedded documents opening

Embedded documents should open in Edit view and in presentation view in PowerPoint. If yours doesn't then take a look at these notes kindly provided by Caroline from St Marys. Office 2010 doesn't seem to have a problem, but Office 2010 might require you to set action.

Friday 9 March 2012

I don't know what went wrong with the sound, but the Adobe webinar has no sound so in the meantime I am going to just place the PowerPoint I used for the webinar here.

This presentation shows

a) How to fill in the template and delete what you don't want.

b) Ideas for customiuzing the template

c) How to embed a document in your PowerPoint template if you want to do that.

d) How to include links to videos and MP3 files

e) How to join the Partners in Learning forum network so that you can upload.

f) How to upload your document to the Partners in Learning forum website.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Today I suddenly had the idea of using this wiki as a blog as well with the font page being the blog entry! Let's see hwo this works!

Today's webinar

I am going to present the webinar privately today and create a YouTube video of it. I’ll post this on the blog before tomorrow morning and let you know as soon as I have posted it tonight. It will contain the finer points of filling in a template - how to customize, use as many slides as you need, change your background, add photos, put headings where you want them, and eventually eliminate all their guides. The aim is to make it reflect YOU.

add your own headings, erase the instructions and embed documents in case you want to take that step. Look under 'Webinar recordings' tomorrow.

Entering your project

Just a reminder… in case you think you are not far enough along with your project and because the closing date is so soon this year you can enter the project in stages. In other words you can call it Stage 1 and that will be where you are up to at the moment even if you have only just started. Stage 2 will be what you plan after the closing date and if you like you could add a Stage 3. Both Stage 2 and Stage 3 must be outlined on your entry template.

All the best. This competition has superb prizes. It is worth taking the plunge and entering!

Welcome to the 2012 Partners in Learning support course for South Africa


About this wiki

This is a support course for the upcoming Partners in Learning Forum (formerly the Innovative Teacher's Forum). We are hoping you will dip in here to find support for your project for 2012 which needs to completed by mid-March 2012. This wiki will include daily posts under the indicated headings. Links to webinars will also be given - where you can listen to winners and finalists from previous years who will share their projects with you. If you can't watch the webinars "live" you can always watch the recorded versions at a time that suits you. You can also join this course at any time during the next two months. The online Microsoft Innovative Course (on which this support course is based) can be accessed at:

Read here about the upcoming Partners in Learning Forum. (

Click on the picture below to read this book as an e-book).

partners in Learning brochure

Getting Started

Please make your interest known to us by signing up on our 'Sign up' page. Just click on the EDIT button to write and then when you are finished click on the SAVE button. You can join this support course at any stage - not necessarily at the beginning of the course. There are no assignments or assessments for this course - ultimately though we would like to see people who have joined uploading an entry into the Forum. We'd love to have you on board!
We'd like to be of as much help as we can in this support course. Megan is the SchoolNet representative for the Microsoft Partners in Learning South African Forum ( Fiona is the person running the online support course ( If you have any questions about either the Forum or the course please write to us.

Outline of the support course

Below you will find a brief outline of the support course. For the detailed version click on the weeks at the side of the wiki as you go along or open the attached document at the bottom of this page.
Week one: One idea leads to another
Week two: The complete course via webinars and posts
  • Webinar 1: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 1 (Tuesday 24th Jan, 5-6pm))
  • Webinar 2: Get started with a project (Thursday 24th January, 5-6pm))
Week three: A repeat of the complete course via webinars and posts
  • Webinar 3: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 2 (Tuesday)
  • Webinar 4: Get started with a project (Thursday)
Week four: Let's plan and analyse
  • Webinar 5: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 3 (Tuesday)
  • Webinar 6: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 4 (Thursday)
Week five: How is it all going? (WE ARE HERE NOW!)
  • Webinar 7: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 5 (Tuesday)

  • Webinar 8: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 6 (Thursday)
Week six: Three weeks to go!
  • Webinar 9: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 7 (Tuesday)
  • Webinar 10: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 8 (Thursday)
Week seven: Two weeks to go!
  • Webinar 11: Question and answers session (Tuesday)
  • Webinar 12: Learn from previous finalists and winners part 9 (Thursday)
Week eight: Wrapping up
  • Webinar 13: Wrapping up session (Thursday)

A complete breakdown of this online support course can be viewed by opening this PDF.