Monday 20 Feb 2012

I have updated the wiki with all the webinars and podcasts. You can now just click on individual people to watch their webinar via a YouTube video or to listen to an audio version. The page that has all the information is the ‘/View Webinar recordings’// page. Megan from SchoolNet gave a very interesting presentation on Thursday 16th Feb on what the judges will be looking for. I have also uploaded her PowerPoint presentation to the Resources page (you’ll see it right at the bottom).

Tuesday 21 February and Wednesday 22 Feb 2012

Please note that our first webinar this week is NOT today, Tuesday, as it normally is but is TOMORROW Wednesday from 4-5pm. It really is worth listening in personally and asking questions in the chat box.

All you have to do is:

  1. Do a system check to make sure your computer will launch on to the webinar. Just check on this link and see if your computer has downloaded all the necessary components for the webinars. Test your connection here:

2. Near to 4pm tomorrow after school, Wednesday 22nd February click on this link:
It will open Adobe. You click on ‘Guest’ and it will ask your name. Write your name and enter the meeting room. In
the meeting room you can start chatting in the chat box while waiting for us to start.

Hope we'll see you there!

Thursday 23 February

Today's webinar features Victor Ngobeni from Microsoft. Victor entered the Microsoft innovative teacher competition as it was then called some years ago, was a winner and represented South Africa at the World Finals in Helsinki. He was then invited to work for Microsoft in Johannesburg and has been a judge in the competition a few times. We ar delighted that he will present a webinar with tips and ideas for us.

Here is the link.

Don't forget to do the system check as mentioned undr Tuesday and Wednesday above..