Week Two: The complete course via webinars and posts(Monday 23 Jan - Friday 27 Jan 2012)
Well, here we are in Week Two all ready to take our 'first' idea from last week and develop it into an innovative project. This week is the full course of the previous Partners in Learning Forum materials which can be found on their marvelous free DVD called ‘The Learning Suite for Schools’. It can also be found online at:
http://schoolnet.org.za/PILP/innovation_2011/index.ht. The beauty of this course is that you can sign up any time right till the end, and you can catch up on any thing you’ve missed. And of course, I am just an email away for any queries! There will be two webinars this week. Since this week will have a lot of information on it every day, I am going to split the week up into separate pages. Please click on the relevant day as it is a hyperlink to the course materials for that day.

Daily course instructions
Please click on the blue icons below to be taken to the course materials for this week. The icon will only become active the day before the session takes place. It will also be accessible from the side navigation bar.


Today we will look at the resources that you will be using during the rest of the course. We take our initial idea and build on it as we travel the road to innovation. We reflect on our own teaching practise.

On Tuesday we look at project-based learning. What is it? We analyse a winning entry to see what made it a project. Three past winners share their stories in the webinar from 5-6pm

On Wednesday we analyse some more winning entries. What are the common threads of their entries? The links to last night's past winners webinar will be placed on the wiki.

On Thursday we work with ideas and look at some of Microsoft's Free Tools. Where can we find them? Has anyone used these in projects? We join the Partners in learning network. There is another webinar on Thursday from 5-6pm called 'Getting started with a project'.

On Friday we look at building on your ideas and including some of the requirements of a winning project. Links to the previous webinar will be placed on the wiki. We look ahead...

A webinar might
be a completely
new concept to
you. Basically it
is listening to a
talk online, asking questions, and
contributing ideas, mainly via a
chat box. Take advantage of our webinar

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*How do I attend a webinar
*Information about the three finalists/winners in Tuesday's webinar