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*Webinars for this week

*How do I attend a webinar
*Information about the three finalists/winners in Tuesday's webinar

Webinars for this week

A webinar might be a completely new concept to you. Basically it is listening to a talk online and asking questions, mainly via a chat box. We have been sponsored by Adobe of South Africa with free use of their Adobe Connect programme which we are very grateful for. This week we have two webinars. You can log in on the night and join us or you can listen to the recording any time after the webinar. The past finalists and winners will be bringing into their talks the types of questions you may be asking. Here are the details:
*Webinar 1: Learn from previous finalists/winners part 2 (Tuesday 31 Jan, 5-6pm) - Lisa Gair, Peter de Lisle and Linda Bradfield

*Webinar 2: Get started with a project (Thursday 2 Feb, 5-6pm) - Fiona Beal

How do I attend a webinar?
To help you get started on the webinar journey I have uploaded and embedded a file that I saved in Box.net. If you want to print this file just click on the link and it will take you to Box.net where you can download or print it.

How to attend a webinar as a participant

Information about the three finalists/winners in Tuesday's webinar

The three webinar presenters this week are winners from last year's South African finals. Here is some information about their projects, but please tune in on Tuesday evening 31st January 2012 at 5pm and listen to more details about their projects.



Biodiversity: Creatures and Contexts by Peter de Lisle

This 2010 project involved using thinking and research tools to find out about biomes and creating a collaborative spreadsheet tool to evaluate the best biome to live in. Learners then used creativity tools to create a biome as a context for a computer game, and to design a suitably adapted creature to live in it. Finally they narrated an adventure in their biome. Peter won his category in the South African Finals, the Pan African Finals and achieved a third place in the Word Finals which were held in Cape Town in 2010

Adopt-a-Donkey by Lisa Gair

The aim of this project was to support Eseltjiesrus - a sanctuary for abused and neglected donkeys, whilst also learning ICT skills. Learners visited the sanctuary and learnt about keeping the donkeys healthy and sustaining the sanctuary. They had a “Donkey Treasure Hunt” in collaboration with local businesses; they started blogs; and they held a raffle aiming to collect enough money to “Adopt-A-Donkey” for a year.

This project involved 6 and 7 year old boys collaborating with their peers to collect eight tons of waste in six weeks. The boys, together with their parents and teacher, found online information about recycling and collated it in their “Trash-to-Treasure” Wiki. They also used ‘2Create a Superstory’ to create e-books and used Skype to communicate.