View Webinar 8 presentersWarren Sparrow and Megan Rademeyer
In today's webinar we have two presenters. Read about them first and look at their photos. Right at the end you can listen to their webinars which are presented as YouTube videos which are hosted on the SchoolNet YouTube channel. You can also listen to their podcasts below. Enjoy!

Warren Sparrow from Rondesbosch Prep


Warren's project is called "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and he reached the World Finals with this project. This is a comprehensive project in which the Grade 7 learners learn about entrepreneurship by designing board games and creating videos. The learners make use of a variety of ICT resources including Google docs, Intel’s visual ranking tool, online surveys, blogs and wikis. The parents are able to follow the project from home.

Megan Rademeyer from SchoolNet


Megan Rademeyer works full time for SchoolNet SA and she is in charge of this project. She works tirelessly, hand in hand with Microsoft to organise the competition every year. Megan has also had the privilege of being selected as a judge not only in the Regional Forums in Mombassa and Jordan, but also in the worldwide forums such as Cape Town and Washington. As such she has seen what teachers come up with and what is required by the judges. She is the perfect person to tell us about what the judges in the competition are looking for.

Videos and podcasts(Warren Sparrow's will be available later on Monday 20th Feb)
Megan's video from You Tube and podcast using Audioboo
Megan Rademeyer - what the PIL judges are looking for (mp3)