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In today's webinar we have three presenters. Read about them first and look at their photos. Right at the end you can listen to their webinars which are presented on YouTube videos which are hosted in the SchoolNet YouTube channel. You can also listen to their podcasts below. Enjoy!

Ngaka Ralekaola from Bloemfontein


We have Ngaka Ralekoala who worked in a team of four in a project about vulnerable children. In this project called "Children who care" learners from participating schools received training in ethics and research methodology and then conducted research in their local community to determine the needs of vulnerable children. Through this project, learners have been given the opportunity to collaborate with other schools, the University of the Free State as well as experts in the field of Social Action research from the De Montford University in the United Kingdom via the Internet.

Glen Williams from Sunridge Primary in Port Elizabeth


The third teacher is Glen Williams who did a project which he calls ‘Silent Morals’ around a particular IT programme called Scratch.Glen says " Well , my grade 6 learners had to USE what they learnt in basic programming, EXPLORE, and CREATE an ANIMATED SILENT MOVIE which DEPICTS a MORAL VALUE or LESSON.You will see that I start AND end this presentation with the word FUN, because I believe that education must be ENGAGING in a FUN way. Projects allow learners the FREEDOM to EXPERIMENT with what they already learnt in a STRUCTURED way AND forces them to EXPLORE things which they haven’t learnt yet, without RELYING on a teacher."

Charli Wiggil from Eden College in Durban


We also have Charli Wiggil from Durban who did a project around the world cup in South Africa called ‘Tweenzites’. In this grade 10 Life Orientation project involved learners identifying a contemporary problem in their community and exploring it using various technological tools (Intel Thinking with Technology, GPRS, cell phones, Microsoft Office Applications etc). Learners were then challenged to devise strategies to address the problem that they identified and these were presented to local community and government leaders, community members, educators and learners from other schools. It is hoped that the municipality might implement some of the suggestions through their Department Planning Programme. One of the groups developed a DVD to be used in Life Skills by other schools.

Videos and podcasts
A Slideshare showing the videos from YouTube of all three presenters

Ngaka's podcast

Ngaka Ralekoala - Children who care (mp3)

Glen's podcast

Glen Williams - Silent Morals (mp3)

Charli's podcast

Charli Wiggil - Tweenzite (mp3)