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In today's webinar we have four presenters. Read about them first and look at their photos. Right at the end you can listen to their webinars which are presented on YouTube videos which are hosted in the SchoolNet YouTube channel. You can also listen to their podcasts below. Enjoy!

Helen Robertson who was teaching at Cornwall Hill College in Pretoria at the time


Helen's project ws called 'Functions for Technologically Functioning Teens'. In this presentation Helen calls this 'It all started with a cell phone'. Getting learners to plot and analyse functions is a tricky part of the grade 10 Mathematics curriculum. To address this, learners used a cell phone app to plot the functions whilst they focused on the more important skill of analysing the effects of changing the variables. Support structures, including contacting their teacher using Whatsapp and asking questions of the “Functions for Technologically Functioning Teens” Facebook group, encouraged independent learning.

Ryan Galvin from St Nicholas in Pietermaritzburg


Ryan called his project 'R and J in R and B' which stands for Romeo and Juliet in Rhythm and Blues . In an attempt to persuade his grade ten class that the story of Romeo and Juliet is relevant to any time, this teacher offered learners the opportunity to re-tell the story and revise the play. Learners made use of MP3s on their cellphones, iPods, YouTube, Twitter, digital cameras and videos. The final task was creating a MovieMaker slideshow, using the music, tweets and photos they had gathered.

Wessel Theron from Bishops College in Cape Town


Wessel's project was called School of Rock: To create interest and excitement in additional language lessons, this project involved learners searching for their own Afrikaans song and then creating a music video for it that is shared on YouTube. Grade 8s had to work in pairs to match images to the lyrics of the song. They also had the option of translating a song and singing it themselves. This was a perfect opportunity to be creative using ICTs, improve Afrikaans comprehension and vocabulary, and be entertained while learning.

Sarietjie Musgrave who was from Eunice in Bloemfontein at the time


Recordings and podcasts

Helen Robertson's video and podcast

Helen Robertson - It all started with a cell phone (mp3)
Ryan Galvin's video and podcast

Ryan Galvin - R&J in R&B (mp3)

Wessel Theron's video and podcast

Wessel Theron - School of Rock (mp3)

Sarietjie Musgrave's video and podcast

Sarietjie Musgrave - Spread the Sunshine (mp3)