Webinar recordings - webinar 3

View Week 2 Webinar 3 presentersPeter de Lisle, Linda Bradfield, Lisa Gair, Megan Rademeyer

In today's webinar we have four presenters. Read about them first and look at their photos. Right at the end you can listen to their webinars which are presented on YouTube videos which are hosted in the SchoolNet YouTube channel. You can also listen to their podcasts below. Enjoy!

Peter de Lisle from Hilton College in Cape Town


This project involved using thinking and research tools to find out about biomes and creating a collaborative spreadsheet tool to evaluate the best biome to live in. Learners then used creativity tools to create a biome as a context for a computer game, and to design a suitably adapted creature to live in it. Finally they narrated an adventure in their biome.

Linda Bradfield from St Mary's in Johannesburg


This project involved 6 and 7 year old boys collaborating with their peers to collect eight tons of waste in six weeks. The boys, together with their parents and teacher, found online information about recycling and collated it in their “Trash-to-Treasure” Wiki. They also used ‘2Create a Superstory’ to create e-books and used Skype to communicate.

Lisa Gair from The Rock Academy in Fish Hoek



The aim of this project was to support Eseltjiesrus - a sanctuary for abused and neglected donkeys, whilst also learning ICT skills. Learners visited the sanctuary and learnt about keeping the donkeys healthy and sustaining the sanctuary. They had a “Donkey Treasure Hunt” in collaboration with local businesses; they started blogs; and they held a raffle aiming to collect enough money to “Adopt-A-Donkey” for a year.

Megan Rademeyer from SchoolNet in Johannesburg


Megan Rademeyer works full time for SchoolNet SA and she is in charge of this project. She works tirelessly, hand in hand with Microsoft to organise the competition every year. Megan has also had the privilege of being selected as a judge not only in the regional Forums in Mombassa and Jordan, but also in the worldwide forums in Cape Town and Washington. As such she has seen what teachers come up with and what is required by the judges. She is the perfect person to tell us about ideas from others in her two presentations below.

Recordings and podcasts

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