All the webinar recordings will have report backs and links here which you can click on and listen to if you missed the webinar.

*Webinar 1: Learn from previous winners part 1 (Tuesday 24th Jan, 5-6pm)

Natalie, Kim and Louise, Lyneth,

Recording 1 is of the beginning of the webinar and includes Louise Clarke's presentation. Unfortunately we had bandwidth issues and my sound disappeared altogether. I had to restart. Naturally this affected the recording for which I apologise. (Recording 1)

Recording 2 is when I came back on air, and it features Lyneth Crighton and Natalie Meerhotlz. Natalie also kept losing her connection. So we apologise for these mishaps. Other than that it was a great webinar. (Recording 2)
I have divided this webinar into the three speakers and have uploaded their presentations to our Schoolnet YouTube channel. Slideshare now has afantastic feature where you can embed YouTube videos, so take a look and a listen...

*Webinar 2: Get started with a project (Thursday 26th Jan, 5-6pm)

Recording link: Fiona Beal presents on the steps in taking a project from an initial idea and building on it to give it all the characteristics of a really good project.

Unfortunately in this recording something went wrong with the syncing from Step 5 onward. Please move the PowerPoint manually from Step 5.

*Webinar 3: Learn from previous winners part 2 (Tuesday 31st January, 5-6pm)

Peter de Lisle, Linda Bradfield, Lisa Gair, Megan Rademeyer

Recording link: Three past finalists/winners present their projects. Megan Rademeyer from SchoolNet tells us about other projects and what was done.

*Webinar 4: Get started with a project (Thursday 2nd Feb, 5-6pm)Fiona

Recording link: Fiona Beal presents on ways to find that initial idea when wanting to get started with a project, building on it and developing it into an innovative project.

*Webinar 5: Learn from previous winners part 3 (Tuesday 7 Feb, 5-6pm)

Ryan Galvin, Helen Robertson, Sarietjie Musgrave, Wessel Theron

Recording link: Ryan, Helen, Sarietjie and Wessel share their projects. Here is a link to the complete webinar.

*Webinar 6: Learn from previous winners part 4 (Thursday 9 Feb, 5-6pm)
Charli Wiggil, Glen Williams, Ngaka Ralekola

Recording link: Here is the link to the webinar recording -