Useful resources

There are a number of resource documents for the course. Many of them are on the CD but have been added here for ease of use.

Session 1

1. Useful website links for competition details and online course:



2. Innovative teaching qualities:

3. Watch this video about the Global Forum in 2008 featuring some of our South African teachers

4. A video 'A vision of K-12 students today' showing the importance of including 21st century skills in teaching

Session 2

5. Project idea analysis template:

6. 'Sunshine' video featuring Sarietjie Musgrave

7. A completed analysis form for the sunshine project

Sessions 4 and 5

8. 101 ideas for innovative teachers

9. ICT ideas from the global forum - a collection of project ideas

10. Keys to innovation

11. Ideas from the global forum - Real word issues project examples

12. Ideas from the global forum - Projects strong in Collaboration

13. Ideas from the global forum -' Beyond the classroom' examples

14. Ideas from the global forum - knowledge building examples

Sessions 6

15. Definitions of the judging categories

16. Entry form - a PowerPoint template (closing date 12th March midnight!

17. Judging rubric

18. 'What the judges are looking' for by Megan Rademeyer