Week 2: Session 1: The Road to Innovation - Getting started

Today we start working through Session 1 of the actual face to face course which is on a CD that is online. These materials can be accessed here:

The CD sessions are geared for discussions in a group setting face to face, so we have to tweak them for our online setting!

Useful resources

There is a list of these on the Resources page (which can also be found by clicking in the navigation bar at the side). These have been downloaded from the CD for ease of use.

Questions to think about

Work through Session 1 of the online CD. Have a page ready to jot down your ideas and reflections as you do this. Think about the following: (By the way, if you have someone nearby to talk to about this, all the better!)

*What are your thoughts after watching the video about the 2008 Global Forum? What would it be like to be a winner?

*After watching the video on a vision of K-12 students today – does your teaching match the age in which our students live? What sort of learners do you work with? What grabs them?

* Is 21st century teaching any different to 20th century teaching in your circle. What exactly is 21st century teaching in your opinion?
*Assess yourself on the list of innovative teaching qualities. Where do you stand? Would you describe yourself as an innovative type of teacher? What have you done recently that was wonderful for you and your learners?

*After looking through the website link about the Partners in Learning Forum, what stands out to you.

Find your inspiration

How do you get your best, most creative, ideas? In the shower? Out walking? Being creative often means starting with something unclear, uncertain, frightening, and then taking the risk of going forward with it.

Today's challenge: Step 2 - Brainstorm wildly with your first idea

Think about your initial idea. Is it unclear, uncertain, frightening? Match it against what you have written on your reflection page. Can you do something really different with it? Let your imagination flow wildly! I call this Step 2 - Brainstorm wildly with your first idea!