Week 2: Session 6: Looking ahead

Today we look at Session 6 of the actual face to face course which is on a CD that is online. These materials can be accessed here: http://schoolnet.org.za/PILP/innovation_2011/index.ht We have basically completed our week's course and this is a day to summarise and reflect. It is also a time to think about your teaching in the future - why not try incorporating some of these ideas in your day to day teaching from now on if you have not already done so?

Webinars this week

The links to the recordings of this week's two webinars can be found on the 'View webinar recordings' page in case you would like to view them. These webinars were:

1) Learning from three past winners, Lyneth, Louise and natalie.

2) Ideas for getting started with a project presented by Fiona

Recap of the past few days

In the last few days we have been through a number of steps:

Step 1 - Your 'first idea'
Step 2 - Brainstorm wildly with your first idea!
Step 3 - Decide on some activities and even the technology you might use.
Step 4 - Turn your ideas and activities into a project.
Step 5 - Add some innovation elements to your project
Step 6 - Add technology to your project.

We have also examined project-based learning and the types of additional elements to add to your project to make it alive and interesting.

Useful resources
There is a list of these on the Resources page (which can also be found by clicking in the navigation bar at the side). These have been downloaded from the CD for ease of use. We have looked at most of these in the past few days - but use them to recap every now and then.

Where is your idea right now?

Have your reflection page ready because today you will continue to jot down ideas as you look back. From now on you'll find you constantly change ideas. As you implement one step new ideas hit you. That is very normal. Your final project may be very different from the way you first imagined it.

Today's task
Reflect on everything you have learned to date. It has been concise learning this week with not too much detail. The detail part will be your own explorations. Build on your idea and start to implement it. You have till 13 March 2012.

Next week (Week 3)

Next week we are going to repeat this course for the sake of any new comers, so please dip in now and again. In Week 4 we will continue as a whole group.